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A Marketer's Guide to Attribution - Part II

May 22, 2017 10:00:17 AM / by Valentina Bieser posted in Location Intelligence, Attribution, Measurement, Location Data, Marketers, Agencies, Campaign

What’s new in Cuebiq’s Attribution Dashboard and how it will help marketers address their most pressing questions.

Is my advertising actually driving consumers to store?   Is there any difference in how distinctive consumer segments are responding to my ads?  How well are my campaigns performing compared to others in my industry?

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Bridge the Gap: How Marketers Can Gain Visibility In the Offline World

Apr 14, 2017 11:32:47 AM / by Valentina Bieser posted in Location Intelligence, Attribution, Mobile, offline, Transparency, Data, Online, Accuracy

As a marketer, understanding consumers’ behavior has always been of paramount importance to me.  Who are they, what are their passions and interests, which brands do they prefer…  Location data came to marketers as the holy grail, promising an unprecedented opportunity to understand audiences, help effectively connect with them, and ultimately measure the impact of marketing efforts.  However, the marketplace is filled with so many data providers and products that it has become a challenge for us marketers to identify the best data sources.  Which brings me to the elephant in the room, what should marketers be aware of when looking for the right data to help them bridge consumers’ online and offline worlds?  What matters and what should be disregarded?

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