So What Are App Publishers Thinking About?

May 9, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Jim Shilale posted in Location Intelligence, Mobile, Location Data, Apps, Insights, Monetization

In the last twelve months I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with hundreds of app developers, which has given me the unique opportunity to learn about their biggest challenges both in terms of monetization and user growth.  Spoiler alert: a lot has changed in the way publishers think about data.  

While monetization is the most obvious consideration, location data is increasingly embraced across organizations thanks to its ability to unlock actionable insights, making it a strategic consideration to drive unlimited growth. 

Many publishers initially think of location data as a pure monetization opportunity. However, location data also produces meaningful insights, creating new opportunities for many publishers. Cuebiq’s own publishing partners are finding success empowering their sales teams with new tools to open doors, optimize campaigns, and measure their impact on store visits, thereby unlocking additional budgets. Cuebiq’s unique audience insights help developers better understand their audience’s lifestyle, from dining and entertainment habits to brand affinities. These learnings extend to the user experience, for instance supporting content targeting by ensuring that the right content is delivered to the right user. 

One of My Favorite Use Cases

Modern media sales tactics extend well beyond LinkedIn and email lists. Location data is empowering sales teams with the ability to leverage Cuebiq's Audience insights at the very beginning of the sales process. For example, we can help our publishers understand how their audience may over-index as QSR frequenters and the top brand affinities within that category. We’ve repeatedly supported media sales teams in opening doors and closing deals based on the audience profiles we can provide. 

Measurement Unlocks Additional Budget

I recently met with a media sales executive from one of our publisher partners. Unprompted, she commented that she loves our attribution products and pitches them with every campaign because she feels it helps her close business she would otherwise lose to programmatic channels. This not only validates our industry leading Attribution solutions, but also reinforces the reality that the right location data platform provides actionable insights and helps sales teams unlock additional budgets through accurate and precise measurement.

The Best Monetization Strategy is Nothing Without a Loyal and Active Audience.

Recently, I was walking to a meeting while viewing a local entertainment app on my phone and along the way I was “pushed” several messages from the app.  These offers were certainly geographically relevant but at the same time they were intrusive because they lacked personal relevance. The ads were from nearby shops, venues or restaurants, however they had no appeal to me personally.  I’m proud to say I have not been to a fast-food restaurant in over 12-months and despite that, I was pushed at least three QSR offers! Applying Cuebiq’s insights to inform content delivery not only limits intrusive content, it enables relevant content and allowed publishers to personalize their content based on accurate and precise location data.

It seems hard to believe that I started this journey with Cuebiq almost a year ago. In these last twelve short months, a lot has changed in the way publishers think about data.  The biggest takeaway I've learned during my time at Cuebiq is that location data produces actionable applications that are relevant across any orginization.

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